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Friday, September 9, 2011

The First Kiss

I remember the day we had our first kiss,
The day so beautiful, I shall always miss,
I saw your beautiful eyes after a long wait,
To this day I wonder it was just luck or fate..!!

As I held your hand, my palms started to sweat,
Nothing could feel more good, I can bet,
It was breezing winter but I felt fire inside,
Because you were so close sitting by my side..!!

We were talking slowly so no one could hear,
A moment of which was better than entire year,
I hold you close as we swayed in deep silence,
I heard just music of love, during that slow dance..!!

"I will always love you" You whispered in my ear,
I somehow knew that the moment was near,
Those words made everything worthwhile,
and deep down my heart I had a secret smile..!!

I was confused if I could make the next move,
and I was wondering whether you'll approve,
You came closer, I could feel your subtle scent,
The fragrance of which felt so young and innocent..!!

Next moment I took you in my arms so tight,
and forgot about everything wrong or right,
I just wanted that moment to stand still,
Coz, it was hard to believe that moment was real..!!

There was no distance left between for air,
While I was slowly caressing your beautiful hair,
You asked if I will ever go away from you,
I said I will never go away and that I'll die if I do..!!

Right when I was wondering you are so unique,
To took me by surprise when you kissed me on cheek,
The vibration in my heart was like my guitar strum,
as I felt the shock and my tips and toes went numb..!!

I slowly reached to your soft and tender lips,
and I felt some tightening through my fingertips,
The moment came soon when we had our first kiss,
My heart melt down with that feeling of bliss..!!

I tried so hard but could not open my eyes,
I knew then it will never end on goodbyes,
Our first kiss is what I can never forget,
It reminds of only moment that was perfect..!!