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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Just Can't Live Without You..!!

Being in your arms so close together,
I thought our love would last forever,
I remember the way things used to be,
when there was nothing but you and me..!!

Now I sit sometimes alone in darkness,
Searching deep inside my heart's emptiness.
For me loving you was never a regret,
But, Your thoughts are impossible to forget..!!

I will always love you with all my heart,
No matter if we are far away and apart,
I miss you and I love you so much,
that I still can feel your every touch..!!

I tried to put all your things away,
but, I always got them back next day,
Every song that I now play or sing,
Your memories are all, it always bring..!!

The things I did and I did not do,
Were all meant to say my love is true,
But, I always get a tear in my eye,
When I remember waving you goodbye..!!

They say I am always suffering with pain,
but, I just fall for you over and over again,
I keep telling my heart to let you go,
but, doing so my tears begin to flow..!!

I wonder what can make things right,
as I wait for you day and night,
I wonder if you don't love and care,
God knows what is and isn't fair..!!

I would ask god whenever I will die,
but, now I can just scream looking at sky,
Sometimes I ask sun, sometimes the moon,
What in this world will bring you back soon..!!

My hopes are fading and I am on my knee,
So just for once but, you listen to my plea,
Please come back or send me one clue,
Because I just can't live without you..!!


  1. heart touching .... love it

  2. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mast n mast


  3. Thank you everyone for your comments :)

  4. tht wat i feel towards u but u nvr believe mee :(

  5. great poem man!!!!!!!!!

  6. very nice poem bro!!!I liked is heart touching.

  7. It is a wonderful poem.. I liked it.

    Mahak Khandelwal

  8. excellent and heart touching i love your poem.....

  9. Cried because it made me think of my ex :'(

  10. Ur simppllyy awsumm man.loved it :)

  11. hey m jenny and m a song writer and singer too and your poem :) is really fabulous....i loved it....if you don't mind can i use it in my song?