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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Final Goodbye..!!

I am standing on this empty street,
No matter if it is cold or burning heat...

I see her going far away from me,
but, I guess this was meant to be...

I kept waiting for her all day all night,
But, She was too busy to even try or fight..

She said I may not see her again,
and she could never give more pain..

I may not be happy as she may seem,
but everynight I shall see her in dream...

She said you should take good care,
I asked her what more is spare...

I wish she stays happy and get all joy,
No matter if I was just another toy..

I tried wishing her good luck for life,
coz she's going to be someone Else's wife...

She promised that she will always stay,
but that promise was just a plastic play...

I don't know how long will I survive,
but, I know my heart isn't alive...

I know this may sound a little absurd,
but I ended my life for a 6 letter word..

She called me to say sorry but I was high,
and I never said anything but just a sigh...

I went out and looked for friends,
but, I was looking at some shallow ends..

I never thought I could be this alone,
and I will not have anyone to cal my own...

I looked up at god if he can justify,
but, my bad luck I never got reply...

So I came back home and kept thinking,
while every hope of life kept sinking...

I kept thinking more what should I do,
but, always thought of love that wasn't true...

How can everything I had end so soon,
and I was alone again just like moon...

Now she seems more like a star,
whom I can see but is very far...

I think, for her I was an ordinary guy,
because, Even if I am dead she won't cry...

I called her desperately because I fall down,
but, she was too busy to answer phone..

No.. she can't be someone I ever knew,
and the one who always said "I love you"...

Who is to question and who is to blame,
because now I can't even say your name..

I never wanted anything to end this way,
but, she left me nothing more to say...

I don't want any answers or ask Why..
All I wanna say is, this is My Final Goodbye..!!


  1. I know.. its sad.. but its true...

  2. apne to rula hi dia kaash jiske liye apne ye likha hai wo samajh jaye ise

  3. gr8 poem. hope she realize her mistake soon.

  4. i'm in the same boat as you i can understand what it really feels.....hats of to you for this writeup

  5. this poem is not for only glz also for boyz.u know they r same :(

  6. i read all your poems...!!!!
    this is simply the best..!!!
    every line made me cry...
    i must say every word is very touching...!!!
    keep writing...!!!
    its always nice to read your stuff..!!!

  7. thanks for your comment.. could you please mention your name??

  8. am in the same boat as you..i can understand what it really feels..ur poem is so much d truth for wat hapend to me last week :(....hats of to you dude for this poem...

  9. @Arka May god give you strength to overcome..

  10. simply,, ossum,, nd heart touching.....:/

  11. @Harpreet Thank you for your comment

  12. awesome.. ths s also meant fo guys.....:-(

  13. Yeah it does.. In fact this poem says what a broken heart feels.. after knowing that the person it loved for so long has betrayed..

  14. yup..:-( i agree